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Travel along as this non-fictional family is brought back to life. Walk with them as we retrace 400 years of history that carries them to the present.

Their experience begins with William whose grandfather had arrived from Swansea, England, aboard the Matthew in 1635. William and others fled Boston in the late 1600’s in search of a better land and peace from the Puritans. He and his young wife, Amanda, move into the vast wilderness of New Jersey. There they carve out a small farm of their own.

Each of their “real life” descendants opens new lands and new experiences. Those staying on the eastern seaboard are quickly drawn into a war of revolution. Others, moving to Virginia to avoid conflict, are pursued by it.

Two generations later they travel by wagons to Pennsylvania at the confluence of the Monongahela, Allegheny and la Belle (Ohio) Rivers. On a flatboat they continue westward into the wild Kentucky frontier. Life is very good there, that is until the Great Rebellion in 1861.

Listen as they tell their story of trials and celebrations. They live the dream that rests in the hearts of free men. They are the masters of their destiny. The experience brings true wealth, a state of mind, not position or money!

One quality stands out, however. That’s a special and unique courage, courage birthed from deep within the American soul. Truly it is a “Distinctly American Quality!”


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